Michelle Ford
A London native, Michelle moved to the States in 2006 and has been busy doing voiceover work ever since.

A British 'BBC' voice or approachable 'Londoner' ranging from mid 20s to early 40s, Michelle's voice has been described as 'warm, friendly, polished, professional, sophisticated and approachable'. 

From serious corporate presentations, e learning and tricky medical vocabulary to breezy, upbeat commercials and sophisticated and approachable narration, Michelle's voice is extremely versatile. A 'mum' (British spelling!) or an executive, a thirtysomething or a doctor, Michelle can deliver the authentic British voice your project needs. 

She has trained with the BBC in London, Mike Lemon & Kathy Wickline in Philadelphia; Edge Studio, Paul Ruben, Marc Cashman and Johnny Heller in New York.

Member of SAG-AFTRA and Audio Publishers Association

Agent: Tim Walsh of Atlas Talent, NYC  tel: 212 730 4500

Freelance audiobook narrator for BeeAudio, Common Mode, AudioLark Publishing
On voice talent roster for Pandora Radio
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